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Malaysia 2001

Red-Socks Mantis[MYS] ...Where? Female Adult/Male Adult1/2 Male and female in almost the same length Wings of male shining because of translucency Larva 2? Shining in gold Subadult Wings growing

Gunung Jasar[MYS] 1/2/3 This cute mantids found here. Cameron Highlands

Mantids in Tapah Tiny Mantis[MYS] Female adult1/2/dorsal Resembles Japanese ground mantis, but flies.

Comp) Japanese ground mantis[JPN] Female adult/face
Mantis with Black Arms[MYS] Male adult1/2 As large as the species above

Bark Mantis[MYS] Female adultVentral/side/dorsal Slim...non-pregnant?

Boxer Mantis[MYS] Female adultVentral/Side/Zoom Eggs unexpected? Oops!

Other Insects in Tapah Grasshopper like Green Leaf[MYS] Side/Wing/Ventral In a Park

River Side@1/2 Tiny mantis caught here Water@1/2/3 Oasis of butterflies and bees Orange Stick Insect[MYS] Ventral/head Mimicking to what? Dead-Leaf Moth[MYS] Side1/2/Ventral Coming to Lights of Hotel Red ...?[MYS] Adult Like plastic Seashore of Penang[MYS] Hotel View [MYS]Malaysia [JPN]Japan

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